Hiring a professional real estate agent to help negotiate one of the most important purchases of your life shoud be simple. New home builders are generally great, but they're out to sell their homes. Hiring a REALTOR® like me doesn't cost you anything and we bring peace of mind, confidence and simplicity to the process.

Here's the 6 simple steps that will save you thousands over going direct to a builder!

1. The meet-up: We’ll take a look at what you want and what builders/products might work for you (including pricing, approval, timelines and hidden costs).

2. The builder visit: We’ll take an afternoon to visit 3 to 4 builders, register and view showhomes.

3. The buy: We’ll work with you compare properties and work together to negotiate the purchase offer (including price, upgrades, extras, timelines, access during construction)

4. The build: With unlimited access to me, we’ll keep track of the builder and your moving schedule with monthly (or, quarterly for longer builds) contact and site visits.

5. The possession: We’ll work together to walk-through your prepossession with your builder and set up access our trusted list of movers, utility providers, decorators, landscapers and more!

6. The move-in: We’ll follow up together before your one-year warranty is up, to ensure your happiness as a homeowner.

The future: When you’re ready to move again, we’ll work together with preferential pricing on selling commissions and a premium sales package (including increased mail marketing, a stand-alone website just for your home, and 11x17 tabloid listing flyers).

Let's get started! Contact me today and learn how I help you save money on the purchase of your new home.

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