Community Description:

Named for a local school teach who taught in Poplar Lake and Namao, York is a residential neighbourhood in North-East Edmonton. Almost 80% of the homes were constructed in a building boom in the 1960s-70s. And, with 30% of residences being rented, it might be interesting to know that York was home to Edmonton's first condo complex.


North: 153 Avenue, South: Manning Drive, East: 50 Street, West: 66 Street

Neighbouring Communities:  

North: Casselman, McLeod, South: Belvedere, East: Clareview Business Park, Clareview Campus, West: Kildare

Things to Do:

  • You won't find a shortage of community leagues in this area. So, for sports, activities or events going on now, check out the Steele Heights Community League or the Londonderry Community League.
  • If you're looking for the great outdoors, York is home to David Ure, Henri Legay, and York parks.
  • For physical recreation and family fun, see the nearby Londonderry Fitness & Leisure Centre.
  • Major shopping and services can be found at the close Londonderry Mall or Clareview shopping areas.

Accessible Arena(s):

  • Londonderry Arena
  • Clareview Arena


  • York Elementary School

Notable Transit:

  • Clareview LRT & Transit Centre
  • Serviced by Edmonton Transit System

For more information, please see Edmonton’s census document on the York area.