Community Description:

Named from the French for "clear water", Eaux Claires neighbourhood is found in North-East Edmonton's lake district. It has a fairly even mix of owner-occupied single-family houses, walk-up apartments, and duplexes.

The objectives for this community were to create "a safe, quiet, residential neighbourhood; establishing a clear, safe, hierarchical road system which enables easy access to the neighbourhood but minimizes traffic on interior roads; and providing residents with access to a variety of housing types and local amenities, including non-residential land uses", according to Wikipedia.


North: 167 Avenue, South: 153 Avenue, East: 82 Street, West: 97 Street              

Neighbouring Communities:  

North: Lago Lindo, South: Dickinsfield-Evansdale, East: Belle Rive, West: Beaumaris, Lorelei

Things to Do:

  • Check out the Evansdale Community League website for sports, activities and events on in the area now.
  • Walk along the central park site or along the stormwater management ponds found throughout this area.

Accessible Arena(s):

  • None.


  • None.

Notable Transit:

  • Serviced by Edmonton Transit System
  • Eaux Claires Transit Station

For more information, please see Edmonton’s census document on the Eaux Claires area.